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{ now i love good snow cone… }

{ now i love good snow cone… }

just as much as the next girl…but good grief…TOO MUCH SNOW!!

i thought we were done with all of this silly boots business…so i was very surprised when mommy cornered me and put on my boots:

and then we went outside…where did all this snow come from??

good grief…it’s a lot of work walking through snow up to your chin!!



{ pugs DON’T like rain }

{ pugs DON’T like rain }

Rain, Rain, Go Away!!

Boo…it has been raining so much – I haven’t even wanted to pee (well outside that is…after an hour long walk outside in the pouring rain I did manage to sneak in some business inside – Mom was NOT happy with me – I’m not quite sure what the big deal is…hadn’t done that in months) – I DO NOT LIKE THE RAIN – Mom puts a coat on me when it is raining a lot – I don’t like the coat – but I really don’t like the rain – so all I think about is when the walk is going to be done so I can get out of the rain and out of the stupid coat.

At least she doesn’t put me in boots when it rains like this poor pug (she saves those for when it is -30C).

Pugs don’t like the rain and that’s all there is to it!


these boots were NOT made for walking!

these boots were NOT made for walking!

mom & dad put these ridiculous boots on me yesterday and i waddled around the house a bit while they laughed uproariously at me…hmph!….


lulu's first outing in boots

today they put them back on me as well as that dreaded coat…and then dad took me for a walk.

pug in boots

i kind of got used to the boots and did a bit of cute frolicking in the park…until…



i fell and landed on my face…hmmpph….booo…RRRRUFFFF!!

as i said before…these boots are NOT made for walking….when will it be warm out again?