{ smooshie face }

{ smooshie face }


I had my first vet visit (that wasn’t a yearly check-up) today…and now I’m on medication. Mama says it makes me act a bit weird and papa says it makes me extra smooshie…snort!

About lulu

I am Lulu, pug princess. My humans love me and tell me I'm a pretty girl. I love naps, walks, food, running up stairs, food, licking mom's feet + arms, food, licking dad's head (and nibbling on his elbow when he lets me), barking at squirrels and the neighbour's cat, napping in mom's lap, napping in my beds (I have three...I must be a princess!), chewing on the tags of my toys, scratching pillows, big stretches, chomping on elk antlers, and making mom giggle...

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