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these boots were NOT made for walking!

these boots were NOT made for walking!

mom & dad put these ridiculous boots on me yesterday and i waddled around the house a bit while they laughed uproariously at me…hmph!….


lulu's first outing in boots

today they put them back on me as well as that dreaded coat…and then dad took me for a walk.

pug in boots

i kind of got used to the boots and did a bit of cute frolicking in the park…until…



i fell and landed on my face…hmmpph….booo…RRRRUFFFF!!

as i said before…these boots are NOT made for walking….when will it be warm out again?

I’m a Clever Canine!

I’m a Clever Canine!

It was a big week last week…it was my final class and then on the weekend were the Olympics with all the dogs from all the classes (40+ dogs in a large chilly room). We were divided into 4 teams…sadly there were only 2 other dogs from my “pack” on our team.

lulu's class photo

There were a bunch of different relays…and then the humans did a dog knowledge/trivia test…and then the individual events (sit stays & down stays).

we're #1! we're #1!

We came in FIRST PLACE!! Yay!! This is my snazzy purple ribbon…I was a proud (and clever) puppy!

the world is my snowcone

the world is my snowcone

There was a little frost on the ground the other morning at the beginning of class…but today was my first REAL snow! It’s kind of crunchy, and definitely cold, but it’s so much fun to lick…






Then a bit later, after I’d had my fill of frolicking in the backyard Mom made me get into my winter coat (gah!!) and we went for a walk. It was pretty cold our there, and Mom wasn’t walking as fast as she normally does, then she put me in a sit…”Say Cheese” (what’s cheese??)
I like this snow stuff (although Mom & Dad don’t seem very fond of it)…THE WORLD IS MY SNOWCONE!!

I’ve lost my pack!!

I’ve lost my pack!!

Woof! It was my last class today…I’m kinda sad…I’ve spent every Monday, Wednesday & Friday morning with these guys for 10 weeks…walking, jumping(ish) over picnic tables, doing sits on the large concrete balls on 8th avenue, riding the C-train, riding escalators, walking (or being dragged) over those stupid grates in the sidewalk, learning recall commands (“Cupcake” is what makes me come running to mom), dragging my leash on walks (I like that part!), learning to greet other dogs (some of those dogs in the off leash parks were SO badly behaved…no manners…sheesh), and a bunch of other stuff which mom keeps telling me I’ve forgotten.
I’ll miss you guys! xo