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{ happy halloween }

{ happy halloween }

happy halloween!!

thankfully mom doesn’t make me dress up like this cute pug…but i am ever hopeful that i will get some of those halloween treats i keep hearing so much about!!


no treats?


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{ these are the rest of my pug-favorite things… }

{ these are the rest of my pug-favorite things… }

Here are the rest of my favorite pug things…drawn by the wonderful Funaek…Her blog is the bestest!


1. Rolling… Sometimes this is for me…sometimes this is to entertain my peeps… Either I’m distracted by my tail or I’m trying to make you laugh…or both!

2. Scratching… Ooooo….feels so good… I especially love scratching my neck after mom takes off my collar… why do I have to wear that again?

3. Comfy bed… I usually have to circle around a few times…and I do change positions a lot while I’m napping… but once I get into that perfect position I don’t want to move (except of course if the neighbour’s cat walks past the window, or I can hear the mailman, or mom gets up, or, or, or)…

4. Toy… Sunny loves her rabbit best…I love my piggy best…it was pink…it’s now kind of brownish (mom keeps putting it in the washing machine…why? it takes me so long to get it tasting right after that)… it doesn’t matter how many toys they present me with…even if mom’s hidden piggy in the basement…I will always find her… Usually I like the tags of my toys best…but with piggy all of her is just great!

5. Human Food… Now I do get quite excited when there is unguarded human food but I’ve never managed to get any of it off of the table…they’re just too quick to move it or me away…sigh…I will keep trying though… Occasionally when mommy is cooking she will give me a piece of vegetable or fruit… and a couple of times something has fallen and I have managed to gobble it up before she could get it back…I’m too quick…heehee…

6. Mom & Dad… Mommy’s the bestest…Most days we go for a walk just the two of us…and on the weekends Dad sometimes takes me for a walk just us…and then once or twice a week we all go walking together… They spend lots of time with me…. I know I said eating and napping were my top favorite things…but really I think they’re the top of the list… I don’t know why I can’t go with them to work though… they love me, I love them… I’m a lucky pug!

{ these are a few more of my pug-favorite things… }

{ these are a few more of my pug-favorite things… }

As I mentioned my Mom LOVES Funaek & her blog

Here are a few more of my favorite things:

1. Mom or Dad coming home… Well I must say that I DO NOT LIKE when they go out. The only good part is that when mom goes out she gives me peanut butter in a kong….YUM!! (please see my previous favorite things…#1 – Eating) I am always SO excited when they come home…or when grandma & grandpa come over to visit me…a pug needs to give her peeps a good tail waggle and lots of running circles…

2. Licking… I can spend half the afternoon licking mom’s legs, feet, arms, hands…I only get to lick her face when I’m giving her kisses though. I also love licking my dad’s head…not everyone lets me lick their head…he’s a nice daddy!

3. Post-poop flicking… This always makes my mom giggle… If it has been an especially satisfying poop I might even throw a little snort in there after the energetic flicking… fun!

4. Chin Rest… A girl’s gotta have somewhere to rest her head, no? Two of my beds have edges…I like that – somewhere to rest my chin…but ankles are good if I’m sitting on the sofa, and armrests if I’m sitting at the computer with mom or outside on a love seat…LOVE a good place to rest my chin…

5. Bedtime… When I finally get my command to go to bed I’ve usually been sleeping for quite some time… Sometimes I’m sooo sleepy that mom or dad needs to pick me up, but other times I’m so excited and leap off of the sofa and run right to my crate…..time for my pug-beauty rest!

{ these are a few of my pug-favorite things… }

{ these are a few of my pug-favorite things… }

Mommy loves this blog called Every time she reads it – or gets their email – she always smiles. Recently the fantabulous (mom’s word, not mine) artist that draws the pug created a montage of some of her pug’s (Sunny!) favorite things. They were all very cute…but some are more favorites for me…

1. Eating… well doesn’t that go without saying? I LOVE to eat… I don’t get to do it as often as I would like, but I am VERY excited when Mom says “Dinner”. I squeal, I run in circles, I do a little walking on my hind legs, and then I sit… if I don’t sit like a good girl then she won’t put the dish down for me…it’s most infuriating!

2. Napping… next to eating, napping is probably my favorite activity. I like to nap just like Sunny… upright on a pillow, on top of a pillow, in one of my beds with my chin on the side, in a human’s lap, beside mom or dad on the sofa… the possibilities are endless…why nap in just one position?!?

3. Stretching… I don’t know why my Dad finds this so funny…but he always laughs when I stretch, he seems to like when I alternate lifting my front paws… girls gotta stretch… and yawn… (everyone seems to be entertained by my yawning…I’m cute…what can I say?)

4. Scratching… Mom & Dad don’t let me scratch many things…but I just adore scratching the pillows, or my bed if I can get it to stand on it’s side… Mom always says it reminds her of a boxer and a speed bag…I don’t really know what that means, but I do enjoy making her giggle…

5. Squeezing… I like tight spaces…it feels safe & cozy…if mom leans forward even a little…sure…I’m going to squeeze on in there!

{ licking = laughter? }

{ licking = laughter? }

Grandma & Grandpa were over for dinner last night. Grandma was not feeling well or upset or something and went inside. I couldn’t believe when she said she wasn’t hungry and didn’t want any dinner…no dinner…I mean really?!? When mommy went inside to sort out the food I zipped in the door and went to find Grandma…she was lying on the sofa…so I promptly pounced on her and starting licking her face…and she started giggling & laughing. By the time I was done with her she came back outside for dinner and even had dessert. I guess licking = laughing.


Milo & Otis & Lulu

Milo & Otis & Lulu

We watched Milo & Otis…none of us had seen it before…so I thought it was time to see a few “pug” movies. It was such a sweet little movie. I got QUITE worked up a few times…especially when Otis was frolicking!


My mom says she’s┬ánot quite sure what to do about Ms. Pug’s (that would be me apparently!) barking….I like to bark most when I’m in the backyard…squirrels, birds, falling leaves, neighbours…so many things to bark at…sigh…She says she doesn’t want it to keep getting worse… At least I don’t bark at dogs, people, squirrels or birds when we’re out walking – I like to save it all up for when she’s in the backyard.