rain, rain, go away

rain, rain, go away

I’m really nervous about the weather. I had to take her out three times to get her to pee in the rain…not that I blame her, mind you, but I can just imagine the drama once the snow sets in.
We took her for a walk in the rain last night…it was the first outing in her rain coat.


Unfortunately it’s too big (I’ll have to make some alterations)…and at least for now she kind of hates it. Hopefully she’ll get used to it…beats being soaked through. The hood also doesn’t stay over her head when I do a correction on the leash, perhaps there needs to be a hole at the base of the hood for the leash?
It was so cute…the sproing in her curly tail managed to fold up the back of her jacket…you can’t keep a curly pug tail down!

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I am Lulu, pug princess. My humans love me and tell me I'm a pretty girl. I love naps, walks, food, running up stairs, food, licking mom's feet + arms, food, licking dad's head (and nibbling on his elbow when he lets me), barking at squirrels and the neighbour's cat, napping in mom's lap, napping in my beds (I have three...I must be a princess!), chewing on the tags of my toys, scratching pillows, big stretches, chomping on elk antlers, and making mom giggle...

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