{ these are a few more of my pug-favorite things… }

{ these are a few more of my pug-favorite things… }

As I mentioned my Mom LOVES Funaek & her blog bahhumpug.com.

Here are a few more of my favorite things:


1. Mom or Dad coming home… Well I must say that I DO NOT LIKE when they go out. The only good part is that when mom goes out she gives me peanut butter in a kong….YUM!! (please see my previous favorite things…#1 – Eating) I am always SO excited when they come home…or when grandma & grandpa come over to visit me…a pug needs to give her peeps a good tail waggle and lots of running circles…

2. Licking… I can spend half the afternoon licking mom’s legs, feet, arms, hands…I only get to lick her face when I’m giving her kisses though. I also love licking my dad’s head…not everyone lets me lick their head…he’s a nice daddy!

3. Post-poop flicking… This always makes my mom giggle… If it has been an especially satisfying poop I might even throw a little snort in there after the energetic flicking… fun!

4. Chin Rest… A girl’s gotta have somewhere to rest her head, no? Two of my beds have edges…I like that – somewhere to rest my chin…but ankles are good if I’m sitting on the sofa, and armrests if I’m sitting at the computer with mom or outside on a love seat…LOVE a good place to rest my chin…

5. Bedtime… When I finally get my command to go to bed I’ve usually been sleeping for quite some time… Sometimes I’m sooo sleepy that mom or dad needs to pick me up, but other times I’m so excited and leap off of the sofa and run right to my crate…..time for my pug-beauty rest!

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