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{ pugs DON’T like rain }

{ pugs DON’T like rain }

Rain, Rain, Go Away!!

Boo…it has been raining so much – I haven’t even wanted to pee (well outside that is…after an hour long walk outside in the pouring rain I did manage to sneak in some business inside – Mom was NOT happy with me – I’m not quite sure what the big deal is…hadn’t done that in months) – I DO NOT LIKE THE RAIN – Mom puts a coat on me when it is raining a lot – I don’t like the coat – but I really don’t like the rain – so all I think about is when the walk is going to be done so I can get out of the rain and out of the stupid coat.

At least she doesn’t put me in boots when it rains like this poor pug (she saves those for when it is -30C).

Pugs don’t like the rain and that’s all there is to it!


happy birthday to me!

happy birthday to me!

I’m a whole year old! Oh boy! Mom had a party for me & everything!

There were people cupcakes and a little star-shaped cake just for me:

They all had little pictures of me on it. Apparently they were made with edible ink printed on rice paper. They were tasty, but it was slightly strange eating little pictures of myself!

Mom made me wear this crazy pink bow:



I didn’t like it so I went to pout in my crate…hmph! But I do look pretty, huh?!?

All my favorite peeps were at the party, they drank champagne and ate cupcakes, gave me presents and mostly sat around staring at me all afternoon.

Dad took me into the backyard…and when I came back in all my guests had gone:

Where did everyone go??

Oooph…it was a long day…I was all pooped!

Who knew entertaining was such hard work?

Happy Birthday to me…Happy Birthday to me…Happy Birthday dear Lu-luuuuuuuuuuuuu!!

Happy Birthday to me!

merry pugmas

merry pugmas

I’ve been out of touch lately…I’ve missed you! Mom has been very busy (and she needs to do the typing for me – I haven’t learned to type yet – although I do very much enjoy walking all over the keyboard!). She got an email from Banana Republic with the photo:

cutie under the mistletoe

isn’t he handsome? i think he’s very cute! a perfect way to wish you all a very merry christmas and all good things (lots of liver treats, elk antlers, carrots, cucumbers and faux bacon) for 2012! xoxox

these boots were NOT made for walking!

these boots were NOT made for walking!

mom & dad put these ridiculous boots on me yesterday and i waddled around the house a bit while they laughed uproariously at me…hmph!….


lulu's first outing in boots

today they put them back on me as well as that dreaded coat…and then dad took me for a walk.

pug in boots

i kind of got used to the boots and did a bit of cute frolicking in the park…until…



i fell and landed on my face…hmmpph….booo…RRRRUFFFF!!

as i said before…these boots are NOT made for walking….when will it be warm out again?

Say bacon….

Say bacon….

Whew…it was kind of chilly for class today. Mom insisted on putting this stupid pink coat on me before we left the house. I hate it! I kept trying to shake it off but it just wouldn’t budge! Argh…
Near the end of class we actually went inside, but then we all had to sit for our class photo. A couple of my classmates just wouldn’t sit still…Mom tells me I’m not very good at the sit stays…but boy was she proud…even through all the barking & mayhem I held my sit…I sure wasn’t enjoying myself but I held it.
When I finally got to go back to mom she whispered “good girl” at me…but then she put that stupid pink thing back on me! I DO NOT LIKE IT…but I guess I don’t like the cold either. Hmph!
Time for a wee nap in Mom’s lap…snrrrrrr…

how do i love thee…let me snore the ways…

how do i love thee…let me snore the ways…

I currently have a pudgy little ball of cuteness asleep in my lap…she is SO NOISY when she’s sleeping and it is so cute. Her front paws are wrapped around my left arm and her head is in the crook of my elbow. Could she be any cuter? or louder? How do I love my puppy…let me count the ways… xo

{ pug } princess + a pea

{ pug } princess + a pea

We had a dinner party last night for my parent’s 46th wedding anniversary – it also coincided with my Dad’s retirement – so there was much to celebrate. I swear my Dad’s kind of like the Lulu-whisperer – she will sit in his lap calmly for hours – it’s quite amazing.

Lulu’s first dinner party

Even though all the attention (or most anyway) should’ve been elsewhere, I’ve come to realize that no matter what I cook or who I invite, the pug princess is going to take center stage at all of our gatherings. This was her third or fourth dinner party, but her first indoors…Lulu really makes me wish we lived in a milder climate…I’m a little nervous about the imminent months of snow….unless she likes the snow?!? Here’s hoping…

I have yet to learn that whether I have one glass of wine, or eight, I still need to haul my ass out of bed REALLY early to let little miss lulu out…argh…my head…who’s for instituting nap time? Soooo sleepy!!