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{ licking = laughter? }

{ licking = laughter? }

Grandma & Grandpa were over for dinner last night. Grandma was not feeling well or upset or something and went inside. I couldn’t believe when she said she wasn’t hungry and didn’t want any dinner…no dinner…I mean really?!? When mommy went inside to sort out the food I zipped in the door and went to find Grandma…she was lying on the sofa…so I promptly pounced on her and starting licking her face…and she started giggling & laughing. By the time I was done with her she came back outside for dinner and even had dessert. I guess licking = laughing.


{ pugs DON’T like rain }

{ pugs DON’T like rain }

Rain, Rain, Go Away!!

Boo…it has been raining so much – I haven’t even wanted to pee (well outside that is…after an hour long walk outside in the pouring rain I did manage to sneak in some business inside – Mom was NOT happy with me – I’m not quite sure what the big deal is…hadn’t done that in months) – I DO NOT LIKE THE RAIN – Mom puts a coat on me when it is raining a lot – I don’t like the coat – but I really don’t like the rain – so all I think about is when the walk is going to be done so I can get out of the rain and out of the stupid coat.

At least she doesn’t put me in boots when it rains like this poor pug (she saves those for when it is -30C).

Pugs don’t like the rain and that’s all there is to it!


{ but I’m a big girl!! }

{ but I’m a big girl!! }

My mom saw this photo online recently. She says it is so cute it makes her want to buy me a soother or pacifier or whatever they’re called.

I mean REALLY!! I’m a big girl, I had my first birthday and everything. It seems so undignified…but maybe it’s yummy?

a pug & her pacifier

Hmmm…well I’ll keep you posted. Do any of you have one?

happy birthday to me!

happy birthday to me!

I’m a whole year old! Oh boy! Mom had a party for me & everything!

There were people cupcakes and a little star-shaped cake just for me:

They all had little pictures of me on it. Apparently they were made with edible ink printed on rice paper. They were tasty, but it was slightly strange eating little pictures of myself!

Mom made me wear this crazy pink bow:



I didn’t like it so I went to pout in my crate…hmph! But I do look pretty, huh?!?

All my favorite peeps were at the party, they drank champagne and ate cupcakes, gave me presents and mostly sat around staring at me all afternoon.

Dad took me into the backyard…and when I came back in all my guests had gone:

Where did everyone go??

Oooph…it was a long day…I was all pooped!

Who knew entertaining was such hard work?

Happy Birthday to me…Happy Birthday to me…Happy Birthday dear Lu-luuuuuuuuuuuuu!!

Happy Birthday to me!

Milo & Otis & Lulu

Milo & Otis & Lulu

We watched Milo & Otis…none of us had seen it before…so I thought it was time to see a few “pug” movies. It was such a sweet little movie. I got QUITE worked up a few times…especially when Otis was frolicking!


My mom says she’s not quite sure what to do about Ms. Pug’s (that would be me apparently!) barking….I like to bark most when I’m in the backyard…squirrels, birds, falling leaves, neighbours…so many things to bark at…sigh…She says she doesn’t want it to keep getting worse… At least I don’t bark at dogs, people, squirrels or birds when we’re out walking – I like to save it all up for when she’s in the backyard.